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Making Masks


Exceeding Expectations


Thank you to all of you throughout the Perth WA region who have expressed an interest in assisting us to support our Health Care Workers, Health Care Organisations (hospital wards & inpatients), children's and disability organisations.

Get Scrubbed is a grassroots effort bringing together a group of volunteers to sew for the community need.

Our group provides a number of patterns for protective gear, including scrub caps, wash bags, scrubs, and masks intended for use underneath/in conjunction with the personal protective equipment currently being used in hospitals.

Other patterns for other projects include NICU dresses & shirts, bereavement and dignity bags, tote bags, pillow cases, PEG protective cushions, knitted tiny teddies.... the list is endless and also ebbs and flows.

If you would like to sew these for your own use, or provide them to family or friends, feel free to use these patterns if they suit your needs but they are not for commercial use.

A number of you are working hard to support your loved ones who are working as health and medical professionals or in front line roles, so these patterns are also for you to use to support them where required.

The patterns we provide through this group have been selected based on ease of preparation and the preferences and feedback received from the health care workers using them on the front line, after the patterns have been trialled in the work setting.

PLEASE DO NOT approach medical centres or hospitals directly asking if they would like to receive donations. 

We do recognise that our volunteer sewers are spending their own money on resources for this project and are not receiving payment for their services. Please do not do more than you can afford to do/ give more than you can afford to give.  We are often given donations of fabrics and supplies so if you are sewing for us and would like some, please reach out.


  If our volunteers need support or assistance in any way, even if it is just a chat, Admin are here to help at any time, so feel free to PM us.






  • Sew for our community group and organisations when and if we get requests.


  •  Donate fabric and supplies - we use this for both our projects and as fundraising via our Fabric Op Shop.


  • To help with pick ups or delivery of fabrics and/ or supplies to places where they are needed (please contact Admin on this and follow required hygiene and social distancing protocols).


  • Contribute to the communication and coordination of volunteer efforts with the Admin team - please PM if you would like to contribute.


  • By helping with our website; we are always looking for experts in web design specifically the Wix platfrom.


  • Be kind, respectful and supportive to others within the group. We are all in this together!




  • We recommend washing material and/or completed items, with the exception of masks,  in the washing machine with hot water (approx. 60 degrees) using detergent and drying in the sunlight in open air, or tumble dried, follow fabric directions related to using a dryer if this time/weather is not suitable for line drying. Wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds prior to handling fabric at any time. 


  • It is recommended that prior to any materials being donated that they are clean and sanitised prior to drop off to ensure the safety of our volunteers.


  • Items being delivered to a nominated organisation/medical location must only be dropped off by the nominated Get Scrubbed drop off person following procedures.  


  • Clean material donations/completed items should be placed in a plastic bag, fabric bag or wrapped in clean fabric and placed in designated location when dropped off at a designated drop off address. Items do NOT have to be placed in individual bags. Please follow WA Health Department hygiene and social distancing guidelines when they are a directive.


NOTE: During times of large COVID19 community transmission, please shop only when absolutely necessary, using online or contact-less delivery from local suppliers wherever possible.

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