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Floral Mask


Terms & Conditions

By requesting items from Get Scrubbed WA, I acknowledge that I will be taking delivery of scrub items donated by the Get Scrubbed WA group as an individual and not through my place of work and that I will be personally responsible for:

  • Ensuring that I will follow correct sterilising process of the items received, specifically - not handling the goods unnecessarily prior to washing, using gloves where possible to handle the items until they have been sterilised, and washing my hands thoroughly following handling any unsterilised item; placing the items straight into a washing machine on hot wash; and either line drying in the sun or drying them in a dryer (please note masks should not go through a dryer)

  • Ensuring I follow protocols of my workplace regarding the ongoing transport, use and sterilisation of items

  • Individually obtaining permission of my workplace to use the donated items

  • Not on selling or passing on any items that have been donated to me

I acknowledge that the monetary value donated by myself is towards the cost of fabric and/or postage.

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