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The Fun Stuff 

Here is the fun place, the place where you find all the links to patterns for our projects


Floral Mask
Tubie Pocket.jpg
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A bereavement bag is an item we donated to palliative care units to give to families to take home the belongings of their family member who has just passed away.  It is made in soft calming colours with a a4 pocket on the outside to store paperwork that can easily get misplaced during this traumatic time.




Our beautiful bibs and burp clothes are donated to organisations who provide items to families who are struggling.  We reccommend these to be made from cottons backed with terry towelling or from a stretch knit jersey.

A bag to hold a pump for patients who have had surgery after being diagnosed with breast cancer.  These participants will be involved in a trail called LOLIPOP monitoring the effectiveness of the drug lidocaine for pain relief.


Care Pillow Cases

These are given to children in oncology or with serious health issues such as Heartkids, also for children/teens transitioning around foster care:
The size of these can vary, but the size to fit a standard pillow in

Fabrics to be used for these: cottons and polycottons, any unique embellishments to personalise items as long as embellishments cannot be ingested or a choke hazard. 

Some links for ideas:

Flopsie Wabit Snugglie

This is our project for Feb 2023 in preparation for Easter.  We will give these away to local hospital wards and Little Things for Tiny Tots dependant on numbers made.

This pattern is copyright of Sewing for Charity Australia created by Pattern Orchard.  It is for Charity sewing use only and not for resale of items.


These are used by patients who use  peg feeding or medication through tubes.

Screen Shot 2023-02-22 at 2.33.05 pm.png

Feeding peg Pads

KIN Dolls

KIN dolls were created by Maryann Webb to send the message of love and hope to kids in need.  It was a charity in itself.  In 2020 Maryann handed the reins (and the patterns) to Sewing for Charity Australia, where the pattern still remains in their ownership.

We work together with Sewing for Charity Australia (SFCA).  At present SFCA are having an upgrade of their website and some infrastructure changes.  As such we have uploaded the pattern here for now.  

Please note that the KIN doll and clothing pattern are for charitable use only and not for sales.

We at Get Scrubbed WA are making the dolls at present for children in care being distributed by Care Bags for Kids.

KIN doll.jpg


These pouches are used to keep the ends of NG tube clean and away from little hands.  The end of the tube goes into the little pouch and then either pinned or clipped onto the child or adults clothing. We donate these to hospital wards who use them or patients going home from hospital with a tube.

NG Tube Pouch_edited.jpg


We provide scrub hats when available to Health Care Workers who have permission to wear them in the work setting.  They are to both protect their hair from contaminants and also to help ease the pressure from PPE masks and head wear. 
We have 3 patterns available that we give away, crafters are welcome to use these patterns or one they have come across themselves. 

scrub hat tie back 4.jpg


Shoe Bags are used by Health Care Workers to store and transport their shoes to and from their workplace, hopefully lowering the chance of contaminants following them home. 
Similar to the laundry wash bag but smaller.  Can be made from a sturdier fabric.

linen bag_edited.jpg


These tiny bears have been disigned for us kindly by Sharon Birss and are for our charity use only.  These little bears are donated to organisations such as Heartfelt or palliative care units for families who have lost children.

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